Street and venue fundraising

Fundraising on the street or from a venue is a form of face to face fundraising.

Face to face fundraising is the use of fundraisers to engage with members of the public and ask them to donate to a charity or cause.

This fundraising method raises over £100 million per year for the entire UK charity sector. 

We use a professional fundraising agency to recruit, manage and train our fundraisers in Face to Face fundraising. Our fundraisers are passionate about our work and the children and families we support.

Please read our FAQs below to see what face to face fundraising we are currently doing.

We are currently running a Private Site Fundraising Campaign.‘Private sites’ are privately owned areas, such as shopping centres and train stations. Our fundraisers will work from a booth or stand and will have materials that will help them share with you our work and how we support local children and families. The times that fundraisers work on private sites will vary according to the opening times of the site.

This campaign will be managed by Acorns Fundraising team in partnership with Engage and Connect.

Currently our private site fundraising is on pause.

The fundraisers will be wearing Acorns branded T-shirts or jackets, clearly displaying an ID badge which has their photo and authorisation to fundraise on behalf of Acorns. They will also have an Acorns branded stand, gazebo and/or roller banner.

Should you wish to check the identity of a fundraiser or are concerned that someone is falsely fundraising in our name please contact us on 01564 825 037.

If you want to check something or have a complaint you can contact us.Any complaints regarding individual fundraisers will be taken very seriously and investigated by Acorns and Engage and Connect. To make a complaint please send as much information as you can about the individual fundraiser and the nature of the complaint to

To fully investigate and act upon the complaint we require at least one of the following:

  • Fundraiser name
  • Fundraiser description with conversation date and location

Complaints about fundraisers will be managed according to the Engage and Connect complaints procedure, which is in line with Fundraising Regulator Standards.