The making of ‘Stronger Together’

Our film crew

We’re thrilled to have worked with our friends at Ark Media to produce this inspiring film and bring to life the vital care and support we provide for children and families across the West Midlands and Gloucestershire. 

“Creating this heartfelt and deeply moving film for Acorns has been an extraordinary privilege that me and the Ark team have thoroughly enjoyed.”
– Graham Allsopp, Deputy CEO of Ark Media. 

More from behind the scenes

A boy with his mom, swimming in the pool, looking happy
Harry and George sitting on the floor, playing
A nurse sitting at the background, wearing glasses and explaining things to someone
A boy with his mom, swimming in the pool, looking happy
A boy and a his mom playing, the boy looking at a toy
A nurse looking at the camera, smiling, a bush behind her
A nurse sitting at the background, wearing glasses and explaining things to someone
A nurse holding a girl, playing with her, showing her something
A nurse smiling, wearing purple sweater, ginger hair, and glasses on her hair
Acorns' staff member, holding a purple clothe, outside the hospice
A nurse holding a girl, and showing her a dog
People playing outside the hospice, sunny weather, holding a colourful clothe
Harry and George in the pool, playing around with their mom, looking happy
A nurse and a boy, playing with musical instruments, looking happy
A boy holding a blue ball in his hands, seems happy and joyful;
A small boy in a pool swimming, his mother is behind him, smiling.
A girl holding a fluffy sheep, on the ground, around her there are lego parts
A nurse sitting next to a girl, showing her something, both of them looking happy
A nurse pushing a girl's wheelchair, outside, the girl smiles, on the right side there is another girl smiling and joyful
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Be stronger together for local families

A little boy and his mum play with a musical toy at an Acorns hospice. They are both smiling

for Alex

Donate today to ensure Acorns Nurses help families like Alex’s make the most of every moment together.

A little boy floats in a rubber ring in an Acorns hydrotherapy pool. He is watching the water splashing infront of him

for Sam

You can give the gift of time at our hospices, work in one of our shops, or fundraise for Acorns at an event.

A boy in a wheelchair holds a rugby ball in the garden of an Acorns hospice

for Tom

There are lots of exciting and fun events you can sign up for to support children and families like Tom’s.

A girl wearing glasses lies on a big cushion at an Acorns hospice. She is cuddling a toy monkey and holding some colourful ribbons

for Zara

With over 40 Acorns shops in the West Midlands, you won’t have to travel too far to help children like Zara.