Will you make a splash this summer and support our hydrotherapy services and children like Jack?

Every child enjoys a splash in the pool but a splash in the Acorns pool means so much more.

Our special hydrotherapy pools help ease a child’s pain and gives families precious time together.

I get to see Jack smile

“Jack was born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around his neck which starved his brain of oxygen, because of this he has no control of his body and needs to use a wheelchair.

His muscles, in particular his legs, get very stiff and painful so he has an intense daily physio routine.

Hydrotherapy at Acorns greatly helps because the warm water instantly relaxes him. In that moment he appears pain free, and I get to see him smile.”

Catherine – Jack’s mum

It isn’t just a pool

“The hydrotherapy pool at Acorns is very special. You can see a photograph and its special features below.

It’s much warmer than a public pool which instantly relaxes Jack’s muscles so the physiotherapist can treat him in a more effective way.

When Jack was younger, I did try taking him to a public swimming pool, but they weren’t equipped with special hoists or ramps like Acorns. He was also sick in the pool and the staff didn’t know how to help. I’ve never taken him to a public pool again.

At Acorns there are specialist staff who know how to care for Jack. If anything happens, they are there to take over and help.”

Catherine – Jack’s mum

“ Many of the children who come to Acorns use have limited mobility, so their joints and muscles become very stiff which causes great discomfort. We relieve this with physiotherapy and our hydrotherapy pools allow us to do this in a more effective way. Hydrotherapy achieves things we couldn’t on dry land.”

Sally, Physiotherapist at Acorns for the Three Counties

Could pay for sensory lights to provide a relaxing environment

Could pay for flotation devices to support a child in the water

Could pay for a family to have a complete hydrotherapy session with an Acorns physiotherapist

Hydrotherapy pool

Below is an image of one of our hospice hydrotherapy pools.

Here are some of the unique features which make it different to a leisure centre pool. Every child who comes to Acorns can benefit from this service and enjoy a hydrotherapy session.

Make a splash this summer and support our hydrotherapy services and children like Jack

If you have any questions about our Summer Splash Appeal or would like to donate by phone, please call our Supporter Services Team on 01564 825 037 during weekdays, 9am–5pm.