A place to call home

Leaving a child with a serious condition can be a nerve-racking experience, so being able to stay the night in one of our family flats can reassure families. Having somewhere to stay and being surrounded by people who care when you’re going through a challenging time can mean the world.

When parents come to Acorns for the first time, they may feel worried. Usually they have never been to a children’s hospice before, and it’s likely they have never left their child with someone else.

ThAt each hospice we have purpose built private flats with their own bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and living room where a family can stay on site with their child for their first stay. This allows them to see how we provide care and attend to the needs of their child. It also means that we can build a more personal care plan. Whilst with us they have their own contained space so they can get used to the hospice setting.

Throughout their stay we will check in with parents to confirm any care needs for their child, as well as any non-medical needs such as the bedtime routine. This will usually relieve all of those initial worries that parents have, giving them the confidence to book a future stay for their child where they won’t stay.

Parents may find themselves in the situation where their home needs to be adapted for their child’s condition. Bedrooms and bathrooms may need hoists or other special equipment installed which means they need somewhere to stay.

We can also step in when accidents happen. This may be a flood at home or a parent becomes unwell themselves, meaning they cannot care for their child. During these periods we can provide the opportunity to stay with us. There are many situations which can make parents have feelings of worry, particularly those who have a child with a serious condition. By offering a place to stay which is a home from home and surrounds them with people who care, we know we can ease those worries. For our families, we are always there.

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