Time with my son

Yusuf is such a cutie pie. Although things do get hard at times he fills my life with such joy. Getting up in the morning and seeing that big smile of his just makes my day. When I was pregnant with Yusuf no tests were done to see if he had the same condition as his older brother who passed away a few years before Yusuf was born.

“But at just a few days old I knew something was wrong. I could just feel it.”

The doctor didn’t have to say anything when she walked into the room. She just nodded and I knew. Yusuf had the same condition as his brother. We don’t actually have a full diagnosis. Just that Yusuf has a kidney problem which will eventually lead to kidney failure.

The doctor told us not to focus on the future as it would only make us worry. So as a family, we just try to do as much as we can with him every day. Coming to Acorns gives us the opportunity to have time together as mother and son and do things that we can’t elsewhere.

We come to Acorns for day care and to use the facilities. We don’t stay overnight which is what most people think of when we say we come to Acorns. My husband and I have a good routine of sharing out his night time care needs and feeds, so we don’t feel like we need overnight stays.

We can go swimming together in the pool. We have messy play sessions with other children. And I have a whole fridge covered in the artwork we have created together. I like to show it off to my family and friends. Yusuf loves it at Acorns and seeing him smile and do things he couldn’t at home just makes me so happy.

Iram – Yusuf’s mum

It may sound small but doing things together and filling his day with fun means the world to me. The wonderful thing about Acorns is they look after me too. The staff will do anything to help you. They are just incredible and no ask for support is too big.

Looking after Yusuf and giving him his care and his feeds is really hard work. It’s really important that I’m well too as his mum. It’s 24/7 so having people there who understand and want to help you too means so much. They embrace you like a big family and go on this journey with you.

When I come to Acorns, I can just be myself. If I’ve got any problems, they help me. It could be anything and they’ll be there. They make everything fun for Yusuf too. If he’s having a physio session in the pool, they just have this way of making the whole thing relaxed and personal to him.

They give me and Yusuf something I couldn’t get elsewhere. They give us experiences and time together. Time to just be with each other. I don’t have to worry about his condition. He’s just my son for the day.

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