Our vision

Every baby, child and young person living in our region who is life limited or life threatened and their families will receive the specialist care and support they need.

Our mission

  • To provide essential specialist palliative care services to babies, children, young people and their families across our region
  • To deliver these services in partnership with others
  • To champion the cause of children’s palliative care

Our values

Acorns Caring logo, an orange circle with a heart in the middle


We are passionate about getting it right, actively responding to individual needs to deliver the highest quality of care and service.

Acorns Committed logo, a teal circle with an infinity sign in the middle


We are determined to achieve our goals and take accountability for our results.

Acorns Trusted logo with a blue circle and two hands in the middle


We build effective relationships based upon trust by consistently being open, honest and transparent, delivering what we commit to.

Acorns Collaborative logo, a green circle with a cog in the middle


We actively work together with colleagues and build external partnerships that help us deliver our mission.

Acorns Courageous logo, a purple circle with a lion icon in the middle


We are brave in challenging the status quo, embracing difference and change.

Acorns Curious logo, a yellow circle with a magnifying glass in the middle


We are inquisitive and empathic putting ourselves in the position of others. We seek to understand the why, exploring different ways to succeed.