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Can you grant a Christmas wish for a child like Tilly?

We hear lots of wishes at this time of year, especially from the children in our lives. When we first met 10 year old Tilly, she had a list of very special wishes. This was a bucket list of things which she wanted to do with her little brother Henry before he died, things that all big sisters would want to do with their little brother.

She wanted to have a picnic with him in the garden, to splash around with him in the swimming pool, and to cuddle him in her favourite chair. As soon as we saw Tilly’s list, we set about making it happen and Tilly did everything on her list with Henry during their time together at Acorns.

Without the support of people like you, we wouldn’t be able to go above and beyond, granting wishes and creating memories for children like Tilly that will last a lifetime.

Your gift could help us grant a Christmas wish for a child like Tilly

(Please remember to select “Acorns Christmas Appeal 2017” from the drop down box)

How your money can help


could pay for a sibling to go on a memorable trip


could pay for an hour of care for a child in one of our hospices


could fund the role of a sibling team worker for a week

We can only provide this tailored care and support to local children with the support of people like you.

Please will you consider giving a donation today, to grant wishes, create memories and provide support for more children like Tilly?

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