Acorns is committed to providing a website that is accessible and easy to use for the widest range of visitors possible, regardless of disability or impairment. We believe that this is an ongoing process and are constantly seeking to improve in this area.

If you need help in making your computer easier to use, you can find guidance below on the many ways you can adjust your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, including changes to your keyboard and mouse.

Vision – seeing the screen

Discover a wide range of solutions to help you see websites and applications more clearly.

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Hearing – hearing and sound

Explore the different ways that your computer, mobile or tablet can be made easier to use if you have a hearing impairment.

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Motor – keyboard and mouse

Find top tips on making your keyboard and mouse easier to use.

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Cognitive – reading and spelling

Discover various software tools and techniques to make your computer, mobile or tablet easier to use.

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Third party content

While we strive to maintain high accessibility standards for our website, there may be instances where third-party content or links to external websites do not meet the same accessibility standards. We are working to encourage accessible third-party content and will address any accessibility concerns that may arise.

Feedback and contact information

We are continually seeking to make improvements to the site and welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback. If you have any questions or encounter any accessibility-related issues on our website, please fill out our feedback form.