When a child’s life is expected to be short, there’s no time to waste.

Every moment with their family matters.

As a parent, you never imagine that your child will be diagnosed with a condition that threatens their life. But when this diagnosis does happen, Acorns is there, and we are there every single day because they need us.

Children across our region who have been diagnosed with life threatening conditions need the help of Acorns Nurses like Sally and Becky. But we can only be there with your support.

With your help, we can guide families through the toughest times and make every moment of their child’s precious life matter. That’s why we’ve launched our Nurses Appeal.

Will you help make sure they continue to be supported even in the most challenging times by giving a special gift?

How your donation helps

In the past year, Acorns has cared for 750 children and nearly 1,000 families across our region.

It costs £27,000 per day to provide our services and it is only with your support that we can be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for children who need specialist nursing care. Your generous donation has the power to make an impact on someone’s life.

A boy sitting on his mother's lap while doing arts and crafts an Acorns Children's Hospice


£15 could help fund the art materials for a family to make precious mementos with their child.


£24 could help an Acorns nurse provide palliative care.


£50 could fund an hour of care and support for a family in their home or the community.

With your help, we will always be there

Kasim was born with pulmonary atresia – a birth defect which affects the heart’s ability to pump blood to the lungs – which means he will need lifelong care. Kasim comes to our Birmingham hospice for short breaks and to make special memories.

“As a family, we’re blessed to have Acorns in our lives and are grateful for everything they do. If we didn’t have Acorns, we’d be doing this all alone and I don’t know how we’d cope.”

Aimee – Kasim’s mum

An Acorns child with a puzzle holding his thumbs up