Welcome to Acorns!

Two Acorns supporters dressed in Acorns tops and orange accessories cheer at the camera

Get involved

Anyone can do something special to raise funds for Acorns. Fundraising at home, work or school, or joining one of our events, helps us continue to provide care for local children

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There are lots of different ways to donate to Acorns. Whether it’s a one-off gift or a regular donation, your support can make a real difference, no matter how large or small. 

How we’re funded

It costs around £10 million a year to run our care services in the hospices and community, providing care for children and support for families. Of this £10 million, around 65% comes from the generosity of people like you in the local community.

65p in each £ we need comes from donations by people just like you

You can learn more about how we’re funded and what we spend your kind donations on in our Annual Financial Accounts and Impact Report on our publications page.

Why we’re here

A parent never imagines their child will be diagnosed with a life limiting or life threatening condition. But when the unimaginable happens Acorns steps in. We are here to help families cope at every stage of their child’s life, and beyond.

Our new film ‘Stronger Together’ takes you on the moving journey of the children and families who inspire everything we do here at Acorns.

With your help, we can make sure these remarkable families never face this journey alone.

Together, we are stronger.