A Tribute Fund is an easy way to raise money in memory of a loved one

Watch your tribute grow with contributions from family and friends.

How can I grow my Tribute Fund?

Many families find having a Tribute Fund is a great way to celebrate the life of a loved one. Once open, you can contribute to your Tribute Fund as often as you like. Share the details of your Tribute Fund with family and friends to grow it together.

There are many ways to grow your Tribute Fund. You can ask for any money donated to or raised in aid of Acorns to be added to your Tribute Fund.

Here are some other ways you can contribute:

John’s story

John and his partner John were together for 43 years and, in John’s words, 

“built many happy memories full of laughter.” 

They never had any children of their own, but John spent most of his life working with children. John explains why his Oak Leaf Tribute Fund is important to him.  

“I found out about their Oak Leaf Tribute Funds, and I knew it would be the perfect thing for John. It would continue something he cared about. I set up the Fund and the money from his funeral was the first thing to be added to it.  

“Over the years I have added to it here and there. Friends and family will contribute too. At Christmas they may donate to his Fund instead of the gift they would have given. 

“It’s as if he’s still continuing to support a cause which meant so much to him.” 

John stood by a statue