Daisy Chain Tribute Funds are an ongoing memorial designed especially for Acorns families.

Every family’s journey with Acorns Children’s Hospice is different, and every family have their own special ways of remembering their precious loved one. Many find comfort in fundraising in loving memory and celebration of their child, raising money to support other families with similar experiences to their own. To honour these special fundraisers and the amazing children they’re remembering we have created our Daisy Chain Tribute Funds.  

Daisy Chain Tribute Funds are an ongoing memorial designed especially for Acorns families. When you open your Daisy Chain you will be given access to your own online tribute page which you, your family and friends can use to share special memories of your child, post photos and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Contributions can also safely be made directly to your Daisy Chain Tribute Fund.  

 Together, our Daisy Chains provide vital funds to care for babies, children and young people with life limiting or life-threatening conditions, supporting families through the most challenging of times.  

Opening my Daisy Chain Tribute Fund 

It’s really easy to open your Daisy Chain Tribute Fund, all you need to do to get started is complete the form below, or call our dedicated In Memory fundraising team on 01564 825 037 who will be happy to help you open your Tribute Fund. If you’ve already started fundraising, we can make sure your donations are added to your Daisy Chain to get started.  

Acorns three counties memorial garden

How can I grow my Tribute Fund?

Once open, you can contribute to your Daisy Chain as often as you like, sharing it with your loved ones to grow your tribute fund together. There are many ways to grow your Daisy Chain:  

Next steps

After opening your Daisy Chain Tribute Fund and making your first donation you will receive an oak tree sapling to plant as you wish, bringing a reminder of your child to your garden or somewhere special. As the sapling grows it will embody the growing and strengthening support that the Daisy Chain Tribute Fund provides Acorns Children’s Hospice. We will support you with your fundraising plans and keep you updated as your fund grows with annual fundraising totals. When your fund reaches £250 we will add your child’s name to our special board in our memorial wood.

If you’d like to set up a Tribute Fund in memory of someone who is not an Acorns child, please click here to find out more about our Oak Leaf Tribute Funds

Sheila’s story

In 2007 Sheila’s niece Frances received end of life care at Acorns for the Three Counties and ever since Sheila and her family have been raising funds to help support our ongoing work.   

“Acorns offers wonderful support in a time of need and we would do anything to help. Having a Daisy Chain Tribute Fund and seeing the amount that you have raised all in one place helps to motivate you to do more, you can see it growing and it helps you to see what a difference what you do makes.”  

– Sheila   

If you have any questions on Daisy Chain Tribute Funds or would like to speak to a member of our dedicated In Memory fundraising team, email inmemory@acorns.org.uk or call 01564 825037.

Opening my Daisy Chain Tribute Fund