Our trained, experienced nurses provide specialist care to babies and their families.

At each of our hospices there is a dedicated nurse with special responsibility to support the delivery of antenatal and neonatal palliative care.

A children's care room at Acorns.

During antenatal referrals we build relationships with parents and provide the time to listen, reassure, advise, and support. We also support early referrals with neonates to ensure babies receive ongoing support as soon as possible.

Parents are offered the chance to stay with their baby in the hospice, in a non-clinical environment, spending valuable time together as a family. Our team will support with opportunities for quality time, like bathing and dressing their baby. We also enable siblings, grandparents and other family and friends to visit and spend time together, to create lasting memories.

Our specialist team can help families dealing with bereavement, and any emotional and practical support for the entire family. There is also opportunity to use a special bedroom, where a baby can rest peacefully after they have died.